Open, close and edit individual and aggregate positions faster than ever, in just a couple of clicks

Split charts to view the same market across multiple timeframes simultaneously

Customise your trading to suit your style and preferences

Follow our top traders and emulate their success by copying their trades

Apply a range of indicators and drawings without sacrificing speed or stability


Mobile trading has never been easier and more accessible than today.

The main advantage of mobile, in general, is that it is made as simple as possible in order to accommodate our fast-paced lives.

Efficiency is a must and most people want to utilize their spare time in the best possible way. By trading with your mobile device, you will be able to actively participate in the world of Forex trading, no matter where you are – on holiday, on a business trip, waiting in a long queue or just during your lunch break.

Our Mobile Forex Application includes all the features of the desktop platforms but with an intuitive interface so you can trade in the quickest possible and most comfortable manner.


Each day, traders from every corner of the globe choose MetaTrader 4 as their trading platform of choice.

Chart-Based Trading and Position-Keeping. Update, modify and optimize positions on-chart.

The Market’s Safest Platform. MT4 keeps data private and encrypted for secure trading.

Instant Response to Trading Alerts & Signals. Download MetaTrader-4 for free and launch your forex career.

Our platform is ease of use for new traders and customization for experienced traders. It is also an ideal tool for everyone who wants to access the markets and trade from anywhere in the World (No download or installation process required) also a World class FCA regulated trading platform.

Access more than 300+ instruments

Globle trade provides access to multi-asset trading which meets your every trading need; we offer a Wide range of instruments CFDs on Forex, Stock, Commodities, Indices and Crytocurrencies.

Ultra Fast Market Execution

Direct execute your trade in as little as 0.06m sec

Real Time Quotes

Global Trade is always transparent and offers Real-Time Quotes to be top of the Financial Market and increase Income levels

Access to News Feeds and Analytical Tools

Keep update yourself about the World Financial Market and Events

Forex & Simplex Layout

Try our layouts which suits you’re trading at any time on top of the platform

Reliable data protection

Global Trade is a globally recognized broker and we are certified by SSL. We ensure you information’s are Protected & Private